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Registration documents 2023
Service Folder

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Akzente Catering Offenburg offers you competent support for your trade fair appearance in the area of stand catering. Akzente will gladly deliver food and beverages to your booth.

If you have any gastronomic wishes, please contact:

Akzente Catering
SchutterwälderStr. 3
77656 Offenburg

Tel.: 0781 9681-109
Fax: 0781 9681-080
E-mail: herve.grosjean [at] akzente-catering.de
More info: www.akzente-catering.de



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Volker Matern
Projektleiter FORST live, WILD & FISCH, eurocheval
Volker Matern
Gabriele Weislogel
Projektleiterin Storenergy, Projekt-Koordinatorin Eurocheval
Gabriele Weislogel