The GALA show will take place on Saturday, August 27, 2022. From 7pm you can expect a program with lots of excitement, joy and pure fun. Admission to the GALA Show includes access to the fair starting at 4pm.

The content of the Pre-Night and the GALA Show will be different, so that both program highlights create a clear added value for visitors.

Once again, you will have the opportunity to reserve a seat on the Ring Terrace and enjoy the GALA Show with a 4-course meal.

GALA show tickets available here


Alizée Froment

The GALA show promises a lot of grace and strength when Alizée Froment shows her liberty dressage. Trust and body language are the key to success, so the horses respond to their own body signals without the use of crops. The interaction between man and horse is perfected here.

Animal School Anne Krüger-Degener

The Anne Krüger-Degener animal school will also enrich the GALA show with shows and promises entertainment at the highest level, because here profession becomes passion and craft becomes art. Truly breathtaking performances from what people, horses and dogs can do as a team.

Les Comtois en Folie

Guillaume MAUVAIS runs a riding stable in Maîche in the Doubs department. He breeds his Comtoise horses himself and shares his enthusiasm for show riding in which he also gives courses on the subject.

The passion for the Comtois breed and the enthusiasm for horsemanship led to the creation of "Les Comtois en Folie" in 2001. For 15 years, the horse show troupe has been delighting audiences with its admirable freedom acts, as well as in the burlesque comedy that shows the everyday life of the artists.

Ring Terrace

Also this time you have the possibility to reserve a seat on the ring terrace and enjoy the GALA show with a 4-course menu.