Guest Country Evening

on Thursday, 25 August 2022 at 7:00 p.m.

Italian flair at the Eurocheval

Gastland Italien auf der eurocheval 2022

Mounted carabinieri in splendid gala uniforms, mounted horse herders (Cavalieri di Maremma from southern Tuscany), stunt riders and speedy Roman chariots, that's how you imagine Italy. They all show the range of equestrian sports and the attachment to the horse that exists in the country's long tradition

Guests from the horse country Italy

Rare Bardigiano horses from the wild mountain region of Parma, Maremma shepherd horses from Tuscany, Murgesen from Apulia, heavy cold-blooded Tiro Pesante Rapido as well as Catrias originating from the mountainous area of the Monte Catria massif in the Italian region of Marche and the surrounding areas in the provinces of Ancona, Perugia and Pesaro. And of course: South Tyrol's Haflingers.

The Italian horse breeding association A.I.A. Associazione Italiana Allevatori based in Rome will present numerous show horses. Of course, the individual studs will report in detail about their breeding lines. In addition, visitors can expect a wide range of horse accessories and Italian delicacies.

Gastland Italien auf der eurocheval 2022

Ticket prices for the Guest Country Evening on 25 August at 7 p.m.

Tickets for the Guest Country Evening cost 10 EUR in advance.

Those who would like to enjoy the evening on the Ring Terrace with a 3-course menu including wine and non-alcoholic drinks can book this for 59 EUR per person.

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